The house of the future

Selficient is changing traditional construction. The state-of-the-art house of the future is realized quickly in a short construction period and with a standardized construction method. The Selficient house adapts to your needs, can easily be designed to the size you prefer, is circular and the modular design consists of sustainable materials, it produces its own energy and is beautiful and affordable.

We are Selficient

The (inter)national prize-winning Selficient house has become the first step in our traditional concrete and brick construction world towards a new construction method in which we are going against the ordinary and are creating a house of the future. Circularity and life phase resistance are given a central place in our integral collaboration with our customers and our partners.
Selficient has a close alliance with her partners and customers when working on a new project. The customer is our main priority so that we can achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Together we develop sustainable, innovative, energy neutral and comfortable residences.


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